Binaural Beats Meditation

Binaural Beats Brainwave Meditation

Binaural beats are one of the best ways to induce a certain state of mind. Whenever you’re thinking something, oftentimes an emotion will be associated with it. When that emotion arises, you can be sure that our brain will be at a certain frequency which is associated with that emotion.

The question which arises is whether the same frequency can be set in the brain with the help of external sources.

The answer is yes and in this can be done with the help of binaural beats.

Binaural beats are responsible for inducing a particular frequency in the brain which will be associated with the emotion.

Understanding brainwaves

Whenever you are indulging in any activity whether it is meditation focusing on learning a new skill, there are brainwaves which are generated.

These brainwaves are at a specific frequency.


binaural beats brainwave states

With the help of external beats as well, these brainwaves can be generated. This is known as brain entrainment.

The binaural beats can generate a wide variety of emotional states but one such state which can be generated is meditation. With the help of the right beats, you will be able to reflect the feeling of meditation in the brain.

This is the reason why binaural beats can actually aid you in meditation. You just need to make sure that you are choosing the right frequency of the binaural beats.

With the help of the right frequency, it will become easier for you to start with meditation.

Binaural beats for meditation

When you’re using the binaural beats above the frequency of 32 Hz, it can help you increase the concentration as well as increase your productivity.

The beats of this frequency are known as Gamma beats which can induce the meditative state.

Advantages of binaural beat meditations

Some of the benefits of binaural beats include:

binaural beats personal meditationYou will be able to meditate easily in a shorter period of time.

The success rate of meditation with the help of binaural beats is immense.


The learning curve for binaural beats meditation is on the lower side.

Also, if you’re listening to the binaural beats with full concentration, you will be able to meditate within a few minutes rather than having to practice for weeks together.


• Binaural beats can induce peak meditative state quite easily.

Normally, it can take an individual quite a few months to enter the peak meditative state.

With the help of binaural beats, it will be easier for you to enter the peak meditative state quite quickly.

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Comparatively, when you’re trying to attain the meditative state with any other technique, it will actually take you a longer period of time. This is one of the main reasons why meditation with the help of binaural beats is so effective.

As you can see, apart from relaxation and , sleep and binaural beats can be used for brainwave entrainment and to meditate as well.

With the help of binaural beats for meditation, you will be able to relax your body quite easily which will help you stay calm and composed. There are plenty of products like holosync which can help you use brainwave entrainment to your advantage.